The Motherland Calls - Russia and back

This series of articles was written for the internet forum on It was written during the christmas of 2011.

I chose to write in english so i could share the adventure and give something back to you guys at My small nephew that is living in Florida is only able to read english and i would also like to share my adventures with him, maybe he will join me in a couple of years:-) But i hope you can understand what im writing as english is not my first language.

Some days will have some text and pictures other just pictures and very short texts. Most of the long text was written while on the trip.

But the plan was pretty simple, i would love to go to eastern europe and russia. I had read some treads by Colebatch and RTWDoug about traveling the former soviet union. I only had 3,5 weeks so Sibiria was out. I decide to try to go to Volgograd and then south to Elista. Then i would taste a bit of history and see some steppe (Graslands).

I called the Russian embasy four times in one day, but did not figure out which papers they need, and how to get an appointment to deliver the papers. And work was very busy and time was running out. It takes the embasy 7 days to make the visa. So i decided to get a visa agent, it would cost about €100, but they spoke english and knew how to do everything. When they heard that i was traveling by motorcycle, the price just doubled, so it was €200. But i went with it, and got the visa 5 days before my departure.

I did not know what to expect, and dident have time for a lot of thinking as work was busy... So packing was like.. ”Im not carrying it on my back so let bring it:-)” Im used to ultralightweight hiking and seakayaking so i still dont bring a lot of equipment. Brought tent, sleeping bag, cooker, different clothes and some spareparts and a tool kit.

Ready to leave Frederiksberg, Denmark

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