Day 10. 29 July 2011

One more restday. I walked to the Mamaev Kurgan, which is a big memorial park with a absolutely amazing statue called Mother Russia or The Motherland Calls. Spent a couple of hours around the park, its really worth visiting.

Spent the afternoon fiddling with my GPS and getting some maps installed. By accident I found out about Open Street Map, and downloaded maps of the area I wanted to visit. It worked really well, so it's highly recommended.

Went out to a resturant for dinner, where I meet two Russian sisters. They invited me to their table, and we tried having a conversation. The one sister spoke a tiny bit of english, and the other none at all. But the small language chapter in Lonely Planet was helpful and a lot of fun.

The Motherland Calls, 72 meters tall.

One of the sisters