Day 07. 26 July 2011

Got up early so I could get moving before it got too hot. Picked the bike up from the secure parking, im sure it had slept well together with the dogs:-)

It was a short day as I was only going to Donets´k. I wanted to be very close to the russian border so I could hit it early in the morning and my Visa was only valid from the 27 July. A couple of days ago I came to think of my drivers license. I only brought a EU-license, I was very busy before I left so I had not thought of getting a international drivers license. I did some googleling, and found some treads on and Horizont Unlimited where the consensus was that you would not be allowed into russia with only a EU-license. I thought about turning south and driving to Balkan as its part of EU, but I wanted to get to Russia. So the I decided to give the border a go, maybe I could bribe my way through?

Ukrainian landscape

Getting gas

It was getting warmer