Day 06. 25 July 2011

Time to leave Kiev and head to Dnipropetrovsk. The name means the ”town at the river Trovsk” i think. As it was not a long day i had planned to follow the Dnipro river as much as possible. The road where of warring standard. But the weather was good and the spirit high. Had a cool chat with some guys at a gas station, one of them had only gold teeth's. They looked cool in the sun:-) As i arrived in Dnipropetrovsk somebody had swiped all the manhole covers for the sewer. So when riding you had to concentrate on the traffic and keep an eye out for a missing manhole cover, or the whole bike would disappear into the hole. But the locals dident seam to care too much, but its a bit safer in a car i guess... I found a hotel on the Garmin POI and went there. It was a big concrete building that had a very russian feel to it. But the staff was very friendly, and the room was nice. But there was no hot water, and all the water was brown from rust. I dident have the energy to go and explain what was wrong, so just showered anyways. That is one of the problems if traveling in eastern europe, that if you dont speak russian, you will have a hard time explaining anything more complex than pointing at things.

The secure parking was behind the hotel, a 3 min walk. There was a guy living in a small house at the entrance, he had 5 mean looking, loud barking dogs that would guard the place at night. He told me that I should chain the motorcycle to a post right in front of his house. It felt very secure, and I went into town to get some food and water.

Going where????

Roadsign, im going to the top town, 132 km to go.


Nice hotel