Day 01. 20 july 2011

Woke up at 6 o'clock and quickly ate breakfast. Carried all the gear down to the bike and started loading it. My rear tire was a bit worn, so i had brought a extra tire to bring on the trip. But decide in the last minute to leave it, as i would just find one somewhere on the way.

I was going from Copenhagen where i live to Gedser and getting the ferry to Rostoc. I tjecked the ferrys timetable last week, and remembered that it was going every hour. As i was driving on the highway i was wondering if i should pick up the pace so i would be there for the 9 o´clock departure, but i was on vacation, so no stress, i would just get the next one... I arrived at 9.03 just to find out that the next ferry was at 11 o´clock. Hmm ok, vacation...maybe i should have speeded up and tjecked the timetable more carefully. I drove out to Gedser lighthouse, the most southern most point in Denmark, and sat there for a while enjoying the view.

I got on the ferry and had a chat with a fellow biker from Sweden on a Victory motorcycle. He was going to Poland and Germany. I got of the ferry, and just followed the GPS track toward Poland. The german Autobahn is very nice, and i was doing good time. Suddenly the cars start braking and everybody comes to a complete stop. People start coming out of the cars and walk around on the Autobahn. I talk with some Polish truckdrivers that tells me that the road is closed because of a bomb! As im on a bike i get on it and just ride the emergencylane to the front of the line, and there is a roadblock. I talk to a german biker, and we decide to ride the emergencylane back to last exit and get of and try some smaller roads. Its about 10 km we go backwards, and toward the end we have to wait a bit for the Autobahn to fill with cars as we dont want to be going against the direction of the moving cars.

We get off and i try to follow the direction of the Autobahn but on smaller roads. After a while i get to a ”Exit” but its blocked by police, i talk to them, and they say they will open the Autobahn in 10 minuts. After about 30 sek they get a call, that the road is open, and im free to go. I drive on to the Autobahn and the other side is packed with cars. But my side is nearly empty, so i just gas it and enjoy:-)

I get to the Polish border, and decide to stop in Slubice, and find a cheap hotel on the main square. Its has been a long day, but im happy to be on vacation:-)

Waiting on the ferry.