Day 02. 21 july 2011

I get up at 6 o´clock and are ready to leave at 7. The weather looks a bit threatening, and i only ridden for 30 min and it begins to rain and the wind picks up. The road is also quit interesting, as they are building a new highway, so part of the old road is a construction site, and the rest is in very bad shape. And there is a lot of very heavy traffic, mostly polish trucks. Im overtaken by a Slovak truck because im ”only” doing 80 kph. I think it is very dangerous riding, as the wind is pounding and when trucks in the other lane is passing I also get a good pounding, all this while the rain is just pouring down. After a while i pull in to get gas, very wet, and a bit scared. I can see that not much further the road should become a highway again, so i continue. As i hit the highway the rain also stops, and the riding becomes quit enjoyable. I end up stopping in Lublin. I try finding some of the hotels in Lonely Planet, but have no luck. On my Garmin GPS i find Motel PZM in the POI, it also listed in LP. Its not as bad as it sound in LP. Rooms are nice, and there is good parking. The walk into the center takes 10 min. I take a stroll around the old town and find a nice cafe to get some food and a beer. While i eat i think of the extremes of a day like this, being overtaken by a truck in the rain, and just about to piss you pants, to sunshine and nice roads, to a beer and pizza in the town square looking at the girls:-) Its the life of a motorcycle traveler!

Wet in the rain.

Nice parking:-)

Beer and Pizza