Day 09. 28 July 2011

Restday! Slept till about 8am and packed my stuff. I was changing hotel and going to find a new rear tire. To get a visa for Russia you have to book a hotel beforehand. So I had a booking for two days in Volgograd. Got back to the hotel from last night and found that it was the same receptionist. Now she was more friendly and I got a room. Then I plotted two motorcycle stores in to my GPS so I could drive there. I was still running on the basemap in the GPS to I just put the position of the stores in and hoped that I could drive close enough that I could see them.

The first one I found very easily. They spoke no english, but when I wrote the tire size down they understood. They didn’t have the right size. So I drove to the next store. That was a bit hard to find but after driving past one time I found it. Again no english spoken, but they where very friendly and helpful. After a while they found a Russian King tire, that wasn’t the right size but close enough. It was very cheap, only €30, so I bought it. My TKC 80 rear tire, wasn’t completely dead, but I wanted a spare tire, because I didn’t know how long it would last.

The rest of the day I just went sightseeing. Volgograd was know as Stalingrad in WW2, and everywhere in he city you can feel the history.

The guys from the second store

Only house to stand after WW2

Small but nice hotel room

Not sure of this one, wear sunglasses when grossing?